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Internet Access

In response to advances in technology and the changing needs of the communities it serves, the Old Colony Library Network (OCLN) endeavors to develop and provide access to library collections, resources, and services that meet the cultural, informational, recreational, and educational needs of the residents in member towns. It is within this context that OCLN offers access to the Internet.

OCLN's Internet connection is supported with funding from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and member communities.

The Internet is a valuable informational resource for all ages. However, users should be aware there is no central control of the Internet and some information might be inaccurate. Its broad scope may mean that material is accessible that some might deem objectionable. OCLN assumes no responsibility, guardianship, or liability for information accessed via public access terminals.

Avon Library Policies

Internet Access Policy  / Collection Development Policy / Displays and Exhibits / Distribution of Free Literature Patron behavior Policy

Internet Access Policy

In fulfilling its stated mission to provide up-to-date and accurate information, Avon Public Library seeks to provide equal access to information for persons of all ages. With regard to the Internet, the library does not selectively choose which electronic resources to make available. Just as parents are encouraged to discuss appropriate use of other library materials, the library encourages parents to discuss with their children the appropriate use of electronic resources available through the Internet.

The library will not tolerate use of its computers in a way that violates local, state, or federal law. The library does not provide access to Internet Relay Chat or newsgroups. The library does reserve the right to ask users to refrain from displaying computer images, which are inappropriate for public viewing.

The library staff is always available to provide suggestions and strategies to help patrons with their searches. As always, your ideas, comments, and sharing of knowledge with us are welcomed.

Internet access is available whenever the library is open

Users may log into the Internet computers for up to 30 minutes

After this first session, they may re-enter the queue for a second session

Patrons holding a valid library card may sign-up for the computers at the circulation desk.

Printing is $.20 for color copies and $.20 for black and white, payable at the Circulation Desk

Users must cooperate with librarians as requested to ensure equitable computer use and a safe computing environment

Users may NOT plug any device into any ports on our computers

03/03/03 - approved by Library Board of Trustees

Collection Development Policy

I. Introduction

The Avon Public Library houses approximately 44,000 print volumes and over 2,000 items in non-print format. The average annual circulation is 36,000. The library is a member of the Old Colony Library network and is certified by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

II. Intellectual Freedom

The Board of Trustees endorses the fundamental rights protected by the first amendment of the United States Constitution, and the American Library Association's statements on labeling and the Freedom to Read as well as the Library Bill of Rights.

III. Responsibility for Collection Development

The Board is authorized to set library policy. The Library Director is responsible to the for selection of books and other library materials. The Director is also responsible for the development and maintenance of the collection, including weeding and replacement of both obsolete and damaged materials.

IV. Selection Process and Scope

An ongoing effort is made to build and maintain a collection, which meets the recreational, informational and educational needs of the community. Objectivity in selection is sought, so that the collection reflects the interests of the entire community. Whenever possible and appropriate, material on both sides of controversial or partisan issues is included. In addition to hardcover and paperback books, library materials include large print books, newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets, recordings, videocassettes, audiocassettes, maps, framed art and equipment needed for all borrowers, including the disabled.

In addition to such standard guides as the Public Library Catalog and H. W. Wilson lists, changing community interests and patrons' demands for particular titles and types of materials are given substantial weight in the process of materials selection. Light fiction and best sellers are purchased and kept as long as a demand for such titles exists.

New titles are selected primarily on the basis of reviews in professional periodicals, advertisements and other publicity, or requests of patrons, keeping quality and cost in mind as well. The collection is augmented by loans from the Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Library System and The Old Colony Library Network.

More technical non-fiction is selected on the basis of reviews or local experts' recommendations in conjunction with reviews. The library does not attempt to purchase textbooks in use at local schools or colleges, but books will not be excluded from the collection because they are texts. The size and budget of the library, as well as the nature and interests of the community, preclude selection of materials of a highly technical or specialized nature.

V. Collection for Children and Young Adult

Children's materials are selected by the Director from reviews, recommended lists and the Children's Catalog, seeking at all times to provide materials which are superior in quality and which represent a variety of viewpoints, roles and lifestyles. Those materials are housed in a separate "juniors" section, although juniors and young adults are not barred from the rest of the stack areas.

The library maintains a small collection of fiction and non-fiction designed to meet the unique informational and recreational interests of adolescent patrons. The collection includes a wide range of topics with particular attention paid to those of interest to this age group, including: sports and drugs, sex, peer pressure, abusive relationships, suicide, homosexuality and teen parenting.

The young adult fiction collection contains primarily current paperbacks of special appeal to this age group as well as notable works of fiction and popular materials intended specifically for young adults.

VI. Censorship

No book or other library material is excluded from the collection on the basis of isolated passages, but shall be judged as an artistic whole. Everyone shall have access to all library materials. Books, recordings and other library materials will not be removed from the collection or placed in a limited access area in response to pressure from segments of the public.

VII. Reconsideration of Material

Items purchased, or accepted as gifts, using the Collection Development Policy and selection criteria, will not be automatically removed on request. The following Procedure for Objection to Library Material is in effect:

Criticism or request for reconsideration of library material should be presented to the Library Director in writing on the "Patron's Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials" form. This form is available at the library.

The Board of Trustees and the Library Director will review all complaints. Findings will depend upon a majority decision of the committee. That decision will be based upon merit of the work in question as a whole, not on excerpts from the work. Reviews, community taste and the popularity of the material will be considered. Further appeal may be made if the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved at this level.

VIII. Use of Material

It is the job of the Library Director to purchase and maintain library materials and to make them readily available to library patrons - not to censor reading. In the case of minors, the Trustees feel that any censoring should be done by legal guardians and is not the responsibility of the library staff.

IX. Weeding Collection

Materials are regularly withdrawn from the collection when they are found to be: no longer timely or accurate; so badly damaged or worn that they are beyond repair; they are duplicates in titles or types of materials when owning more than one is no longer warranted; they are not utilized and there are space considerations; or deemed "lost" or "missing" and therefore unrecoverable.

X. Gifts

Donations of books and materials to the library are welcomed with the understanding that those materials become property of the library and that the same criteria of selection will be applied before adding those materials to the collection. Those not selected will be sold or discarded. No gifts, which are accompanied by qualifying instructions as to their disposition, housing or use, will be accepted. Receipts attesting to the value of the donated materials cannot be issued.

Displays and Exhibits

The Avon Public Library welcomes and encourages exhibits of an educational and civic nature sponsored by local organizations. All such displays shall be subject to the approval of the director.

The Library bulletin board provides information on local events of interest to Avon residents. Material to be posted shall be at the discretion of the director. Notes of a commercial, politically or religiously partisan nature will not be accepted.

The Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection or possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. All items placed in the Library are done so at the owners risk.

Distribution of Free Literature

Library staff selects free literature on topics of educational, cultural, social and recreational concerns for distribution at various locations through the Library. Material is selected for its informational value to the community. The Circulation Desk is reserved for the distribution of library materials only.

Due to limited space, the Library reserves the right to limit the time allowed for a display and the number of publications supplied by any one person or group. The Library does not endorse and is in no way responsible for the views expressed in this material.

Patron Behavior Policy

In order to ensure that all those using the library may enjoy the Library's services, please follow and respect the following rules:
•Please respect others by only smoking outdoors away from building entrances. Only animals needed to assist people with disabilities are permitted .
•Please do not talk loudly, make excessive noise or engage in other disruptive behavior
•Distributing non-library materials requires prior approval of the designated staff person
•Please do not misuse the restroom (i.e., using as a laundry or a bathing facility)
•Bicycle, tricycles, skate boards, roller blades, scooters or skates are not permitted in the library
•Please, no sleeping
•Being in possession of and/or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is not allowed
•Library privileges may be limited or withdrawn for the following reasons:
•Damaging Library property
•Stealing Library materials
•Threatening or physically harming staff or users
•Abuse of borrowing privileges
•Disregard for Library policies

General Information:

The Library reserves the right to limit the size and number of items brought into the Library

The Children's Department is reserved for use by children, their parents or guardians, and adults interested in children's literature

Seating in the Young Adults' Room is reserved for young adults and those who accompany them

How does the staff handle an incident? Call the Avon Police at 508-583-6677 or if it's an emergency call 911. Then summarize the incident in writing and submit it to director.